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Natasha Witherspoon-Marketing Specialist

Natasha Witherspoon

As a marketing specialist, Natasha Witherspoon's marketing and events career spans several industries including financial services, technology, and consumer goods. While the products and services may have varied greatly, one thing ties all my experience together: a proven ability to work collaboratively with sales teams to build brand awareness and customer engagement, ultimately driving revenue.

At Doosan, she managed a $1M budget and oversaw marketing and engagement efforts for ConExpo, the largest trade show in any industry across North America. And at Husqvarna, she enhanced data analytics and lead generation efforts to increase efficiency and improve the sales teams’ ability to prioritize and engage leads.

With a knack for project management and a keen attention to detail, she enjoys taking on large projects, breaking them down into small pieces, and working with internal and external teams to execute on the vision. She also enjoys problem solving and using data analytics to inform marketing efforts and maximize impact.

At Husqvarna, Natasha reviewed industry data to identify trends and inform product selection, pricing, and merchandising strategies and conducted Cost Analysis on a Branding Program that increased profitability by 100%.

Areas of Expertise:

Marketing & Events ǀ Data Analysis ǀ Lead Generation ǀ Vendor Negotiation ǀ Strategic Planning ǀ Budget Management | Trade Show Management │Cross Functional Collaboration ǀ Project Management ǀ Digital, Video & Interactive Content │Merchandising ǀ Data Management & Reporting ǀ Cross Functional Collaboration ǀ Salesforce │Coupa




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